Starcraft 2 Maphack 10.a Latest Release

Posted by bL4cK_m0p on Friday, April 9, 2010

Starcraft 2 Maphack 10.a Latest Release - Cranix has released his Maphack version 10.a. As seems to be the case with most RTS games, a stream of maphacks has started to be developed. While we don’t support hacking, we believe SC2 users should know and understand what is out there. As always, use of any hack on will deservedly get you banned.

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Release notes:
  • Press ~ To view the entire map
  • Press * To view the entire map, Dark version & can see all tech info + clickable units.
  • After viewing entire map, select the player number you are on the numkeypad to go back to your view
  • All view player keys located on numkeypad
  • While viewing each player’s field of view you can see their minerals, gas and supply
    Press 1 to view player 1
    Press 2 to view player 2
    Press 3 to view player 3
    Press 4 to view player 4
    Press 5 to view player 5
    Press 6 to view player 6
    Press 7 to view player 7
    Press 8 to view player 8

Download link:
Starcraft 2 Maphack 10.a

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